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La vie en rose - 5 trends for Valentine's Day.

February, the month where love gently settles in, tinting everything pink. With Valentine's Day in the spotlight, it's a time when tender gestures take center stage and the color pink translates the language of love. In the winter gray, it's also a color that brightens spirits.

Paris, the "city of love," truly comes alive in this February month, so let's delve into the pink trends of the capital and discover the must-do activities to celebrate this month dedicated to affection.

Here are 5 pink trends in Paris that caught our eye:

  • Opting for a sweet treat instead of flowers? Cookidiction, as seen on "Qui veut être mon associé?" offers a variety of customizable cookies to share with your loved one.

  • Also customizable is the ONLYWOUF bandana  at Savage. A reversible bandana with a trendy print full of kisses and personalized with your dog's name. A perfect gift to show your affection.

  • The Mark Rothko exhibition at the Louis Vuitton Foundation, a retrospective from figurative to abstract, featuring a palette of vibrant colors, from soft pink to passionate red.

  • Café EL&N at the Louvre, with its floral decor and captivating colors, is perfectly Instagrammable. The perfect place to enjoy a love potion, "sparkling pink" of course 😉

  • Between Bubblegum and fuchsia, the Pinkylicious harness in high-quality vegan leather tends towards a softer but very vibrant coral pink. Its summery print brings some pep to gray days.

For if red is the color of passionate love, pink might be that of tender love.

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